Poetry from Shahnoza Ochildiyeva

Young Central Asian woman with long braided black hair, a headband, and a white blouse and black jacket. She's in front of trees and stone arches.
Shahnoza Ochildiyeva
Why I love my Motherland

Why I love my Uzbekistan
Let the wind tells about it.
Take a deeper look at my motherland,
It’s wearing a wreath from glorious history.

Look for Ulegbek’s eyes  there
Who spend  life staring at the stars in the sky
In historical pages of my country
All great beings are alive and alive.

Maybe it is  a childish love
Let the world know its glory and fame.
Namangan’s bright red apples
And Samarkand’s baked shirmoy bread.

I still have a smell in my throat
Of sweet sumalak by my aunt
Leads us right towards the dreams,
A wish made in front of sumalak.

Glittering on the nch of my country
A bright necklace made of fame.
Oh, friends, you will all see it too,
Each necklace is a champion.

Look at my lovely motherland
It’s wearing an embroidered  long dress
Brightly different colours,
Suits my  beautiful country.

Margilon satin is fine and tend
The embroidery would adorn it fully
Tying her waist with a decorative belt,
Standing in body with full of beauty.

Clothes worn by my Motherland
Golden robe woven by Bukhara
I think this is an another reason,
Of the fiery and pure love of me.

My country leads us in its hands,
Thousands of kids, boys and girls.
Towards a great bright future,
All generations with enthusiasm.

My country is lighting everywhere
As a symbol of the brightest sun
It’s dear to me as long as I live
As my supposedly loving mother.

Ochildiyeva Shahnoza Abdivohid qizi was born on July 17, 2006 in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Surkhandarya region, Denov district. Presently, she studies at school number 49 in 10th grade.     

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