Poetry from Shammah Jeddypaul


Earth was a shadow
with figures positioned in its ends
silhouetted against light,

A myriad of hills shrouded in mist,
guarded kingdoms shrouded in mysteries,
Mortals faced with the Labour of Hercules
were covered in a cold aura
blazing with the fires of hell,

Earth became an ungrateful planet
mocked by Mars and Jupiter
– they were the most insolent,
and Saturn was the gossip

The constellation of bitter silhouettes
opposed by a clique of dead shadows
in a lodge full of damned aquatints
engaged in a cloak and dagger
with singers hitting a clinker
"Oh! How soothing!"

Earth defied sanity
and welcomed ghostly silhouettes
in deification of medieval kings
Then, a fierce opposition;
Shadows refused to bow

By riversides fed
with melting snow seasoned with blue blood,
shadows got murdered,
silhouettes, charred,
and earth birthed volcanoes 
that erupted without warning

Saturn chattered,
frail Pluto wept in hurt
– earth was its bestfriend,
'Death' in dead shadows died,
silhouettes became extinct

Like a shield,
darkness covered the earth,
with neither form nor void,

Earth got a visitor,
an invincible speaking spirit descended
and said;
"Let there be light" 

The Genesis of Genesis.