Poetry from Shukratova Shabnam

Teen Central Asian girl with cat ears drawn on her head in a Snapchat filter. She's in black and white with a collared shirt and jacket.
Shukratova Shabnam

... It's white

With the worries of this world,
Three children with their own work,
By the rumor of the people,
Mom, your hair is white.

You eat so much sorrow, in the bright world,
There is nothing less, more than anything.
Paying for a "taxi" and walking
Mom, your hair is white.

Your bread won't pass through your throat without me,
Your soul suffered until I became "girl"
What is in your heart, what is your dream,
Mom, your hair is white.

She was born on August 13, 2008 in Navbahor district, which is considered one of the most peaceful corners of Navoi region. Currently, she is an 8th grade student of the 21st school in this district and is the class captain of this class. SHe is also a volunteer… “Golden Wing” and “Future EVH” volunteer… SHe has been participating in competitions and Olympics since she was young and has won many places. Also, the artist and her creative works were published in anthologies, and those anthologies are available for sale in Moldava, 26 countries on the Morebooks website… Thanks to sister Orzigul and sister Barno for this. ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸซถParticipant of Sarvinoz Odiljonova’s “Girlpower” project. She is interested in learning languages โ€‹โ€‹and has been learning English since childhood. She is studying. She is a member of several international certificates. She wants to become a journalist in the future and become a smart, intelligent girl whose parents are proud of her country. She has many dreams for the future, one of them is to win the Zulfia Prize and become a student at Harvard University. She often shares her dreams with people. she doesn’t say, because she likes to show her dreams to people after they come true, not just to tell them, so she’s an aspiring, unstoppable, diligent, restless girl.

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  1. The Women’ White is a valley of perfect Wisdom. A highway that yearns for Eyes, a heart in center.
    Nice yr words.

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