Poetry from Sitora Mamatquosimova

My country, don't be fooled by your beauty
The steps are on the path of the lovulas,
My eyes rejoice in the reflection of your gaze
Your name Uzbek is on my face.
Sometimes, I think in the quiet night,
Maybe life is what you miss
On the day I lived with sweet longing,
Your glorious history written in verses.

Yes, I praise your beauty
Again, I applaud your honor
I can't get enough of praising that garden of yours
The Motherland, which I cherish in the depths of my heart.
Maybe I won't write poems about you
I don't write books like great poets,
Maybe my ink pens are weak
But, in my heart, you are always the Motherland.

One thought on “Poetry from Sitora Mamatquosimova

  1. O happy gazing into the Motherlnd, & Earth blue-gold eyes of Love. Thanks.

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