Poetry from Sophia Fastaia


sitting on the table next to my little red chair

vines cover the wall of the backyard that now lives in my memory

kids in bright-colored tee shirts stand beside me

 waiting for the cheesecake to be served

sunlight dapples the fence behind mama 

i keep this memory in the taste of sugar 

i keep this memory tucked in my subconscious

in a little teal box with sparkles that i have tied 

with a piece of my soul 

mama is glowing in this memory 

this moment will be replaying in the corner of my mind forever

and maybe this moment is always happening 

floating in the ripples of time. 

one year on the earth 

one candle in the center of the cheesecake

eyes that were bigger than the universe take in 

the first sight of a flickering flame 

little hands reach out to touch the golden glowing thing 

one chubby finger touches the flame and pulls away 

big eyes turn into glossy marbles,

tears dripping down puffy cheeks

mama’s hands hold onto the tender little arm 

she whispers words that I couldn’t yet understand 

words that talked to my heart instead: 

It’s gonna be okay

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