Poetry from Tamara Rasmussen



Straight lines and grid-work

can’t define Me.

I know all the angles

and bend them ’round.

I hide that little bit of lightning

beneath My peppery tongue,

and when I lose My patience,

I use it!

Don’t push Me.

When I cut straight to the point,

the point goes up in smoke.

Better to let Me

come about in My own way.

There’s nothing about Me

you can nail down,

put in a box,

bend to your own purpose.

I bend you.

When you call My name,

remember that.

Let yourself flap like a flag in My wind.

Let your tongue go slack,

and speak My tongues!




I love playing

with all the puzzle pieces

in My repertory,

making pretty patterns,

surprising Myself.

I’ve given up keeping even My best work.

I wish I had time to enjoy a retrospective,

but I’m too busy making new delights.

There’s so much going on in My studio!

I need to keep things stream-lined,

unattached, cleared out.

I only want the clutter of works in progress.

That’s enough mess!


I am Kaleidoscope,

dance of responsive play.

You touch Me, allow Me to touch you,

and everything changes!

You fear you have broken beauty;

you feel you’ve created beauty.

You are given the shocking power

of interaction with Mystery.

I remain changeless, timeless:

awesome Cause of change.





I play with a full deck,

including the forbidden cards.

I keep up My sleeve

a few surprises,

and all My jacks are wild.

I know it’s all a house of cards.

I like to make it tower high;

I like to make it tumble.

I knock the table over.

Join My dance of Life Abundant!

Ride My whirl-wind!


on My dynamic roller-coaster!

Fall in love with Me!

I am the only game in town

worth playing.


I surprise you while really,

I’m trying to surprise Myself.

Greed and violence bore Me,

semi-automatic, repeating cruelty.

Surprise Me, and you please Me!

Usually I know it all.

You can bet your bottom dollar on Me.

I am gambling with spirit,

gambling with incarnation:

risking everything to give the future life.

The dice are cast for death,

but I am betting all life

on dancing!



Blizzard Dancer


It’s time you learn to praise Me!

You are desperate;

ice-water chokes your veins.

I can bring you back to life,

and turn your life around.

I swaddle, shroud, and bed your world

in snow.

Birth, death, rebirth

tumble together

in My electric blankets.

I am wind, change, transformation,

queen of disguises and disappearances.

I am trickster,

hiding things

while I work My magic,

pulling white rabbits

out of brown ones,

ermine from weasels..

Usually I revel in extravagant colors:

blood is Mine,

running red and strong and vital.

Snow’s a loving joke I play

to honor the god of the pure white cloth.

I laugh, “Marry Me,

neither whore nor virgin,

cosmic belly dancer!

Look at My wedding gown,

white, white lace!

I made it Myself!

Isn’t it pretty?

Look how My nine skirts swirl!

Marry Me and dance under My skirts!

Spring-time blossoms under My skirts;

come peek!”