Poetry from Vijay Nair


Mega, he’s a star in the sky

Not a screen shines silver where

Appears a star that dwelling apart

No Angels dare to tread, this

Celestial omnibus a master performer

Conceals artifice his art a proof

Of the theory of acting, best device

A prolific actor has talent eloquent

His vocation is acting, a passion ran

In rich abundance milk in breast

A premium partly to win the respect

Of spectators, whom he respects


A creed constitutes his philosophy

And intellectual concern of his;

Characters be acted can be enjoyed

Severally distinguished from each other


Given us pictures all dramatic tales

Differ of time his theme and tone

Must have fascinated he by the exciting,

Colourful pageant of life passed

His exploration into the muddle

And mystery of life of mankind

Reminds us of his talent innate

Remaining dear to us his dynasty


Horizons new civilization of enjoying

Acting shows he characters,

Vision unorthodox wakes us into

That Multiplex of cosmos

Dreams devour action from pursuing

Elegant style pays attention more

Athletic in stature all apparels

Adorn in nature he adores dynamics


Baptism of fire seems sinner

No pristine purity, yonder he tough

Old boots but arms in babe

Desert soul composure inner beauty

Dyne that drives all logic reason

Cordial with code of conduct

He thick as thieves no slippery

That heart, a bottom babe’s


Vacuous nest in singing birds embryo

Any of Chaucer, Spenser or Milton pronounce

Hi’story of a true epic hero he made

Of grand style that Beowulf; brave enough

To blaze a trail in acting, synthesis

Between character and actor he

Steals the show for bone up

Blow the gaff of gem in spitting image


Showers in praising, noble cause hailed

He honours many in entertaining

All eyes and senses devout at heart

Him some thirty five revolving earth a sun

May double, none great artists country

Soul in art, engineers are long

Fleeting time no; proud we prompt

That here is God’s plenty


© -Vijay P Nair 2016

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