Poetry from Taylor Dibbert

Meant To Be Together

His dear little London

Passed away today,

You never really know

How something like that

Is going to feel,

He’s hurting a lot,

That’s for sure,

But he’s mostly

Feeling so grateful

For the time

That they had together,

For everything that they shared,

Best buddies,

And when his time is up,

He knows what

He wants to do

Right after that,

He’s going to track down

That little London

Because the two of them

Are meant to be together.

Transforming Trauma 

He’s quite familiar with

The transformational power

Of poetry

To process grief

And to heal,

Things are about

To get

Very busy.

Taylor Dibbert is a writer, journalist, and poet. He’s author of the Peace Corps memoir “Fiesta of Sunset,” and the forthcoming poetry collection “Home Again.”