Poetry from Terry Trowbridge

Tiny Eschers After Rain

If one of these unrolled pillbugs looked up,
glassy, beaded dew would refract the light
from the sky and bend their world of vertical green lines
into spheres of shining blue.

Even if the pillbugs were too nearsighted
to see the geese above them
arrowheading their way north,
the potato bugs could hear them.

Honking-honked birds with their straight necks
crissing one season, crossing the next:
for centuries they’ve been stitching the north and south together
so that pillbugs can have a whole world
beyond their tiny patch.

BIO proving I am not an AI or bot:

Pushcart Prize nomineeresearcher & farmer Terry Trowbridge’s poems are in Pennsylvania Literary JournalMasticadores USAPoetry PacificCarouselLascaux ReviewCarminauntetheredProgenitorMiracle MonocleOrbisPinholeBig Windows, Muleskinner, Brittle StarMathematical IntelligencerJournal of Humanistic MathematicsNew NoteHearth and CoffinSynchronized ChaosDelta Poetry ReviewStick FigureminiMAGand 100more. His lit crit is in BeZineErato, Amsterdam ReviewArielBritish Columbia ReviewHamilton Arts & LettersEpistemeStudies in Social JusticeRampikeSeedsand The/t3mz/Review.  His Erdös number is 5. Terry is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for his first writing grant.

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