Poetry from Terry Trowbridge

Jalapeno Quietly Gazed At

Plump jalapeno
intones shapely strawberry rumpus
green today but one day blush
percolating solar swelling
shock for the curious ovivorous
	dangles on aortic question hook
	stemmed at a bifolial end (between bilabial leaves)
		punctuational singleton frog-plop pepper slung over
		Basho’s garden as bosom equation derived into one dimension

Author bio (proving I am not a bot or AI plagiarist)

Terry Trowbridge’s poems have appeared in The New QuarterlyCarouselsubTerrainpaperplatesThe Dalhousie ReviewuntetheredQuail BellThe Nashwaak ReviewOrbisSnakeskin PoetryLiterary Yard, M58CV2Brittle StarBombfireAmerican Mathematical MonthlyThe Academy of Heart and MindCanadian Woman Studies, The MathematicalIntelligencer, The Canadian Journal of Family and Youth, The Journal of HumanisticMathematicsThe Beatnik CowboyBorderlessLiterary Veganism, and more. His lit crit has appeared in ArielBritish Columbia ReviewHamilton Arts & LettersEpistemeStudiesinSocialJusticeRampike, and The/t3mz/Review. Terry is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for his first writing grant, and their support of so many other writers during the polycrisis.

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