Poetry from Maurizio Brancaleoni

A Brilliant Solution 

Following the recent onset of awareness
               on the part of major political figures 
                                      national and international
      of the criticality of the current conditions
        of planet Earth, home to a wealth of creatures
                                        among which algae, human beings,
                                                              and beavers
     mind-boggling and praiseworthy measures have been taken
grounded on the unshakable respect towards
                                                    polar bears, almighty lobbies,
                                            and pictures and videos depicting
                                            malnourished children 

being the above-mentioned strategy
 — although already criticised by imbeciles and activists — 
           set out to address these all-encompassing issues
    in an unprecedented manner
    as everything points to the fact 
 that nothing else might be done
    at the time being
that is,
       hope everybody dies
       before hunger and climate change
       might be held responsible
              for their deaths

Maurizio Brancaleoni has had poetry and prose featured in numerous journals and anthologies. In February 2023 he published his first short story collection “New Parables and Other Oddities”. He has a bilingual blog where he posts literary gems, interviews and translations. In 2016 the Italian version of “A Brilliant Solution” was among the poems selected for a poetry and photography contest organized by the cultural association Civico 32 and the journal Versante Ripido. 

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Maurizio Brancaleoni

  1. We live at a time when cynicism is just another word for realism. Extinction is a daily occurrence. We need to write poems like this one, to find our best way to describe what is happening. We need poets to find a words for everybody, and to listen for words that are worth saving.

    • Thank you. This is a beautiful compliment. I’m a very attentive collector of words and moments that risk getting lost in the magma of daily occurrences.

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