Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Spelling a Caste

fecal matter
emulates the interior

    graffiti:      thoughtful legacy passions
                     the gravestone shake-up delicto
                     ballerinas terrycloth frame-ups

          triplicate facts
          irritate the implicit tenant

                    turrmeric snatchers gone dental

                                  (     )

one-liner survivors
their cathodes gatepost noon

     to stingray mourners
     castle poultry tremor

          vertigo seminars deluxe
          varied its lemon returns

before backdrop vernaculars

                lotion diction 
                implanting a bellicose wok
                an impetigo classic

                                  (     )


         limbic nettlefest
         stammering tremolo playpens
         darkening theoreticians

stabs forward
art fully under

        auctioneer pity
affects their style velocity

                 to indenture divorcees

                                  (     )

     the opal toecap 
     exhales its duct tape feeders
               nearby threadbare

          valuable plagiarism                     (audio
          too scantily sorceress                 phonic)

                         tributary betrothals
                    pressed handicrafts
              repute strata borne                  (hypno
                       poacher tremolos
                       in delicto passion 

           roughened noon’s horn to renewal

At the End of the End of Days

pyrrhic lumber left burning
sutures shifting for the lonely
casing new murder charged in stairwell
irritation brackets wilt insignia leaks
the roaring remedies measured pine
capsules for somatic coffee brackets
or for columnar socket blades
where reactor seekers last charged
disfigured tantra tracking in retreat
buried the remedies backward 
as the corporeal circus games 
dull massages filter grim retribution 
basket threading reduced pleasure 
to a fixable granite platelet flourish 
no weather security packaging 
socket banter breached arrears
extreme position dismembered 
remnant amenity glimmer blades
tore through the loose coma pouch
luminous grades suspected traction
impaneled scrotal parlor forays 
as privileged inflation disasters
fruition stalls reply nostalgia riffs
mount a laughable tenth catalogue
with harried impertinence rehearsed
a long and clever compendia rapture

Meating at the Market

produce caught placenta 
near the deadening cadavers

travesty a cereal pedant

                      bracketing rotisserie voyeurs

                                                              to potential


          ratio jackdaw boogie bang
          handrails starch appraisal
          crossword rendered facet

                    a signage assault
                    emptied an emulsion clerk
                    scaling slow rancor

          cliches fodder the medically impaled


peacock testimonies

              quilted brimming 

                                         yelp and braids

applicable implosions 
keening geothermal chants
on elite

      weird attributes 
                               momentary gloating

         velcro to pleasured settlers
         embodies rotisserie leg when heel 

                   archly lathered
                   abundant garret valedictions

                               flipped steak

Glandular Potential

testicular headrests
wrench storekeeper cans
across liniment coves

           a charlatan mélange
                          renewal geeks
                          gladiatorial emulsifiers
                          abdominal bigamists

       asset ogre credits looming at birthplaces


          a thug tympani
          appealed to retired diameters
          no polysyllable due

                                          its rambler hostel

     for a marshmallow enema 
     the mad lender boldly detonates 
     the hospital

                         divorce usher used
                         a synthetic seeding 
                         for tragic panorama

                                        suburban primers

                    sneezing petrochemical thoroughfares


                           a shattering

tragicomedies dazzle beyond downturn

         flamingo documentaries
                        polymer reptile cans
                                                 used malingerers

             backward idyll


                                          transit risings

                                                   rumors instance

Payback in the Works

packaging as market bait
the gondola switched a rife glade’s 
lively blades rowing them away
from a pomegranate vacuum
thrust among the blockage pills 
left to filter the coma gray
as though roaming impertinence
didn’t wilt before lions tore
the colosseum to rapture
the heavenly void capsules 
on sale forays ventured affable
in a laughable remix tantra
no fixable position left unturned 
or tuned to low vibrato brackets
in the carry-on seizure pouch
aligned the deathly software
carpet no match for the reply
to optimal regeneration totem
requests for privileged infection
prior fillers mount to story board
the suspected plenary crawl
toward scrotal insignia pablum
breached where mounting flourish
stalls the backward crawlspace 
remedies burning socket mantras 
measured use of cynical bursts
jangling medicinal ganglia rifts
left charged for empty retribution

BIO: Vernon Frazer’s newest poetry collection is Gravity Darkening.