Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Words and angular images scattered on a page.
Words and angular images scattered on a page.
Words and angular images scattered on a page.

Current Rhythm

listing vessels clip

the wind before tongue’s shore

a restless rift riding crest 


     dive under electronic scrutiny 

               tabletop bossa nova


passenger fury alembic

a cattle prod addendum


                a mid-vista toilet stomper

      plugged again 

                a nightmare born to knit

          persuasive entities 

               voltage unleashed 

                    liminal fury honed

                           disturbing appendix vapor

where the hash flies

bolt navel gates before aplomb

can wash the dishes

      driving estuaries past water tablets

no mast shifts its rhythm

porridge lifts its latent pulse

before the best can hide it

     the last slant 

     receding viper shores

lost in the perpendicular

when geometry angles past the beat

Dreaming Up

deformation leisure

wallows deplorable faucet smack

cohabit rectangle pompom grit

storming undersea nutrient clamor

no vagary left unfolded

festive octets bustled

rummaging an amber slag dance

freeloads unbuttoning portend

instinctive motoring rotonda mileage 

founding a spritz federation

old fishtail shopper

reappraises probate diameter 

simplicity neglect soothes 

index quake vicinity prancing

stimulate cupcake lunch

between shirttails

experiments button executive flight

The Game after Recess


agate battleground

the practical postcode marveled

     in central

     the retrospective closed

          a ruin          flaring

          plated         bandit

          under downgrade

a gopher phalanx in retribution


     no facts

     in reparation 

operettas regulating the moviegoer

     vaunt taxes

     and paladin affections

locomotion a waiting daylight


apprehensive crucibles 

projective doorman boudoirs

the coronation a plectrum bubble unfilled

     petitions pockmark hostilities

     stray cartilage the war dress

     feted assassin a sitcom star

          exorcising breakfast

                      for asylum euphoria


         venom scent 

slats an illegal fingernail lecture

   masterstrokes pilloried

                    skeletal affections

eating more partitions

voltage benefactors rain 

assassin parameters

          to impound 

          the tailored marshes

forwarding the herbal dividends


frolics resumed

after scuttled pain thrust back

      the cliches


            in door’s coiled attributions

need no mudslide dimensions or departures

                        to end the ruins


Vernon Frazer’s latest book is Memo from Alamut.

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