Poetry from Yahuza Uzman

Ecstasy on the Tongue of Survival

this poem begins imperviously inside a mysterious silence

that wallows in the misery crawling on the throat of silence

that lives, dies, and relives in a smile-shaped box of silence

that demystifies the blend of smiles and of griefs

revolving around the silences on the tongue of my mother.


the first silence was housed in a breath-stopping slump,

the second was seen in the heavy eyes of my brothers

& sisters mourning over the health status of our mother,

the third was of the hope that sparkled for a second and went off,

& the last was framed delightfully in the closed eye of smiles

made by my brothers and sisters in extreme merriment

of our mother's health revival.


some silence just exist to exacerbate disdainable plight

while some only breathe to rebirth the babies of fortune.


so i closed my eyes that's deemed with tears

of accumulated silence, hoping that, someday,

these silences would turn into a world of everlasting ecstasy

lingering on the tongue of my mother's survival.