Poetry from Zahro Shamsiyya

Central Asian woman with a purple headscarf, brown eyes, and a white top and black jacket
Zahro Shamsiyya
Autumn ..

The world is full of treasures,
It is as if tears are shed.
Life is fast, it passes quickly.
The stone is crushed like dust.
Step taken - memory,
Screaming clock miles.
I can't think of anything,
Joyful ways of childhood.
The faces of the flower idols are combed.
Shamshad's legs bent, see,
The heart is addicted to love,
  It makes the nerves tense.
There are many who have reached this fall,
Those who do not are neighbors of Allah.
I do not know how much time is left?
A dream with no meaning ..
I was looking for a chorus,
I'm thirsty, it's heartbreaking.
I fell in love with you,
This is destiny, this is vision.
Oh, the memory bag is beautiful,
There are lovers, there are more enemies.
I'm done in the fall, deliberately ghazal,
To soothe a thirsty heart.
Autumn..The world is full of treasures ..
Life is fast, it passes quickly ...

Sharipova Zuhro Sunnatovna (Zahro Shamsiyya) She was born on April 9, 1969 in the Nurata district of the Navoi region. Her first poem was published in 1985 in the Gulhan magazine. Uzbek publishing houses published works in the journal "Sharq Yulduzi", in the literature and art of Uzbekistan - "Ma'rifat", in various regional and district newspapers. World almanacs in Canada, -2017 in Dubai WBA 2018 "Turkish poets of the world" (Buta 3) 2019, "Muhammad Yusuf izdoshlari" 2017 almanac. She published her book "Ismsiz tuigular"

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