Poetry from Zuhra Ruzmetova

Central Asian teen girl with reddish brown hair braided behind her head. Brown eyes, a lacy collar on a white, red, and yellow top. She's in front of a white panel with brown patterns.
Zuhra Ruzmetova

                 🌷🌷 Spring 🌷🌷

           Welcome to our country
            Spreading good cheer
            Under the blue sky
            Looking at the blue sky. 

                    Birds sing
             They sing soft tunes
             Enchanting the hearts
             They indulge themselves. 

              The party of nature
                  Rich in beauty
               From green grass
       From the spring giving a sign. 

                 Looking at nature
               Taking a deep breath
                Spread fragrant smell
            Bringing light to the world. 

                        ✍️Ruzmetova Zuhra

Ruzmetova Zuhra Vyacheslavovna 
November 30, 2006 

I was born in the city of Urgench Khorezm region. There are 6 of us in the family my father, my mother, my brother,  my twin and me. I am currently a student of the 11 th grade school no 14 in Urgench city. I am very interested in poetry. Currently I write poems and stories. My poems have been published in America, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Turkey, Germany, Azarbaijon and other countries I attend the Barkamol avlod children's school of Urgench District studying the art of public speaking. Every week I am a guest on Khorezm Tv channel. I was awarded with a set certificates and a badge in the biographical competition held by Uzbekistan and international organizations. India Argentina and Georgia are members of international organizations. I am the holder of the badge "For international Services" by the bi wing poets writers association. I have many future dreams and goals.