Prose poem from Noah Berlatsky

All the Birds Forever

We went to a place where a lot of people went and we loved each other and talked about whether Boba Fett loved Spock and Brandy vs. Monica and then sometimes for fun we would pour tar on each other until we died and got mad at each other for cheering when the alligator ate the kid. It was a great thing and terrible like words made of vomit and corncob and golden eggs that smell like vomit. But maybe it would get better someday because also America gets better someday when you vote. And shoot the Nazis though you’re not supposed to say that or how the Supreme Court should retire and go be the biggest of all rear ends underwater so the dolphins can get them. These are the things you remember from your friends until one day everyone is bought and you can speak freely about how you are bought and can’t say anything else. The whole world is just one guy and that is capitalism. It’s not really any worse than before though before is also what was bought and turned into a human centipede of time scrolling so it is hard to know.