Sketch from Santiago Burdon

Face Of A New Moon
On A Sunlit Night

We walk together arm in arm, her head resting on my shoulder, the Sun decides to call it a day, permitting the night to spill darkness into a jealous sky, pouting over the star's sparkle obscured by clouds that bullied their way into the empty space left by the Sun, the moon grows larger and brighter as the Earth turns, spinning night’s beacon of light into a brilliant shining white, the scent of magnolia blossoms travel on every breeze, the sweet gum and oak trees appear taller and seem to scratch the sky with their fingered branches, the light from street lamps dance on her brown skin, highlighting the minute almost invisible hairs on her arms, her hair smells of lavender and her skin is soft like the fur of a sable, she possesses a celestial angelic air about her, it draws me to her with a hypnotic charm, there's a distance in her eyes, and if I gaze into them, I become mesmerized as though she had cast a spell, I'd be in a trance, drifting off to a place where the night comes to rest, the dawn tucks in the moon, and the stars go to dream.