Story from Bahora Boboyeva


(The story about a fearful incident that happened in Sardoba, Syrdarya region of Uzbekistan)

Aunt Anora got up early in the morning and went into the yard. The yard was sprinkled with water, the smell of basil wafted around, and the bride was trying to bake bread until everyone woke up. The aunt walked towards the yard and went to the house which was built for her youngest son. The house was finished, but there were still some drawbacks. She struggled to build the house on her own, because her husband was dead a few years ago, but her children also looked after her. She really missed his advice. Aunt Anora has not shed tears so far, but today she cried a little because of some reasons.

Taking thought, she could not see how her grandson Fayzullah was coming. His calling her like “Bubidon” makes her happy. Every time she was with her grandson, and this time the sweet voice of this little boy made her wonder. She thanked God for his presence. Anora wanted to make a spectacular wedding for her youngest son and to pamper grandchildren. In fact, this was the dream which she had with her husband.

Heated bread was just baked. Aunt took two loaves of bread and went to her neighbors’ house and gave to them. Despite the fact that they disagreed, she let them to take the loaves of bread:

  • Bless my daughter-in-law, God willing, second bride will be just like she.

Everyone gathered around the table. After breakfast, the members of family went to work. Aunt Anora and her grandson stayed at home.


In the morning Aunt Anora woke up because of a terrible scream. She tried to turn on the light, but she could not find a place to switch on it. The screams got louder, the voices made her more anxious. Someone slammed the door and she was not able to manage and say who it was. There was her youngest son Mirkomil:

  • Mother, are you okay?

The mother was confused for a moment, she did not understand what her child was saying. Mirkomil took her hand and she saw Fayzullah sitting in his father’s arms in the yard and her daughter-in-law running from place to place, not knowing what she was doing, what she was getting, what was happening.

– Mum, hurry up, hurry up. Sardoba… Sardoba is cracked, – Mirsadik could not say another word. He tried to say something but he was not able to.

– Mirkomil, hurry up, brother, hurry up, – putting Fayzullah, he ran into home, tried to pack the various things as soon as possible and urged his wife to hurry:

– Did you get our passports, Komila, did you get passports? Mum, faster, faster!

Neighbors’ voices came from outside, and they cried to one another to hurry, that if they could not leave from there soon, they would be in trouble, so they called everyone to hurry. Furthermore, the police cried by urging people to leave their homes as soon as possible and that time was running out.

Mirsadik hurried, carrying a bag with his son in one hand and a small amount of money and passports in the other, followed by him Komila brought her son’s clothes, and Mirkomil also tried to take something what he saw. They went out the gates. A bus arrived to evacuate people, and the neighbors were getting on the bus one by one.

Mirsadik started looking for his mother. Aunt Anora was gone, he looked around, searched among the people, but her mother was gone. He went back to their house, then to mother’s house to find her, but there was no one. Then he cried: “Mother!”, but there was no sound. He walked towards the yard, went into their bake house, went into the kitchen, shouted “Mother”, and from the yard “Yes, son,” came a silent voice. Aunt Anora was sitting in the house, which had just been built for Mirkomil. She was daydreaming, imagining her future bride, remembering her difficulties which were during the life.

– Mother, what are you doing here? Mother, let’s go, we must leave, – said Mirsadik, trying to bring her up.

– No, my son, I am not going, leave me, I will sit at home, I am not going anywhere, kiss my dear Fayzullah, I love you, – aunt Anora insisted that she will not go.

– No, mommy, you will go with me, if you do not go, we will not too. Let’s go, mother, we need you, mom, let’s go,- said Mirsadik.

At that time Mirkomil came and they left their beloved home getting on the bus.

During the way aunt Anora could not think or imagine anything, she did not stop praying for a minute, she could only wish good luck to her nation, brothers, children…

A terrible situation had happened…

Uzbekistan state world languages university                                                                                         the third year student of the faculty of English Philology                                       Boboeva Bakhora