Story from Beknazarova Ayganim

Young Central Asian girl with a white collared blouse and black pants and long black hair posing in front of a white and tan background.
Beknazarova Ayganim
Respect for book begins from library                
It was a summer month when the sun rose, the air was hot. Today Sarvinoz woke up early, did exercises, washed her face and drank tea and daydreamed and played on her phone. She couldn't find any more interesting thing to do, so again she daydreamed.

She remembered that her teacher's words. Teacher said "The best and most useful thing to do when a person is bored is to read a book." Sarvinoz immediately wanted to read a book and  looked for a book at home but there was not any book in her house. Her librarian teacher to her said, "Whenever you want to read a book, come to the library, you will find all the books that you are looking for." 

After that Sarvinoz dressed and she went to the library. On the way, she met a lot of friends and they went to the library together. When they arrived, the librarian Maryam was gathering all the books. Maryam  was very tired. 

The girls looked at Maryam.                                                              —"Assalamu alaykum teacher, we have come to get a book," they said. Librarian Maryam said, "Vaalaykum assalom, you are welcome, please wait for me to tidy up this  place and then I will definitely find the books you want."

Sarvinoz remembered her mother tongue teacher's words.                                    

"Respect for the book--it starts in the library," said her teacher.  

Sarvinoz suddenly said, "Can we help you?"                                                                         
Librarian Maryam smiled and said, "Will you be tired?"                                                                   
The girls replied, "No."                                                                   
"Then it's fine but you only bring the books I will put them away myself, if not, you will be tired."
"It is Ok," said the girls.
They gathered all the books in an instant. Librarian Maryam thanked Sarvinoz and her friends and found the books, Sarvinoz went back home and read with pleasure. 

Beknazarova Ayganim was born in the village of Keregetau, Tomdi District, Navoi Region, Republic of Uzbekistan. Currently, she is a student of the 7th grade of the 9th school.