Story from Jim Meirose

Walking out into a late Spring Day                                  

SO =   Jan was lucky to have walked out into a late spring day. They had been pushing and pushing and + but + no, no. The steps had been taken, and. That was all over. There came time for lines in the sand et centratoonlia, but, the important things were there to be taken. The yard. The grass of the yard’s so green. And, the day. Dew glistened across right left up and over and. S telephone pole stretched there pointing from between the square yards pres’t the houses uck’dde neighboring, and/und, a line could be drawn down the pole cross the grass to the sidewalk clear out to the street, if one were so inclined to desire. “Can’t Stand This [gorilla]” and.



One step out. Grass. Look ‘round. Look over. Step {turn} grass. Neato-rupt’ out to the pole. Lean. Down. Lean. Down. Yes; there’s something about it, yes. It does smell. :what do we smell, snark: smells like just one’s another type II weedy-rotting log but upon second glance smells much more likewhich a utility Experimental Heemio pole-trilliac pole, in some circles which may or may not exist in past or future days (does it make a sound?) all’s which-so mee’ b’ known as a rott’d heeliog of’f a trilliac’d down Experimental, Mat’ema’tic’alle, ‘sso Wagner’s gas station of great big nose acne’d, raise the lift so we can see the bottom of this Ford, quite long t’phone pole—and stepping back-Jan. While was stepping/step’t back Jan. One instant of loneliness. Struck from un’ ‘nder someplace in the press to the grass o’er bottomsides that pole, Hishteennea, think ‘m ‘h ‘e ‘ressed it’ll :get: when those three are on it down the road but no no no do not want to be lonely ‘til the three will step up off and over to get the slope down ‘cross the fat Main street : of which Jan’ll no ono never’ll be positioned to merely know of it let alone to experience it, SO, turn to the left onto the grasse long armflick’d lift od a walk’d dog who not yet existed/exists yet, moreover,  thwack-stain, thwackstain, thwack-stain, thwack-stain, thwack-lillian’s astckly great bit dead “stain”, which rub can not get, nor Sunday to Saturday, oh so many times, as—Jan musedly walked toward a suddenly handy next thing to see, t’ ‘e <> lump in the lawn, but wide like a pile, some dirt’d been dump’d here, for some purpose or other, known only to one single person most likely, and Jan, you ought to have seen it; this mound-hill grassed-over nine-ten o’ yards ‘umferenenced roundy ‘bout why, oh why, oh, why have I never once wondered why this is here, yes why like the pole there whose being I’ve never questioned, why we’d never off’d Lucifer to know the damn thing, eh why is that there eh why do you need to know that Gimi, why d’ down’d dirt d’ya need to know that now, after all it’d been there all your limited allotted days Gimi, and it was never important to you ‘til now, when you are lonely and need somebody Gimi, why is is only when you’re lonely or need something all of a sudden what’s under this here moun’’s so equally important Gimi oh why o why Gimi, oh Gimi, why oh why, Gimi oh why and oh why and oh why Gimi Gimi stuck down on it’s platter it did become tiresome, where’s the switch there’s the switch they made it big and red to be easy to hit in the inevitable emergency life and/or limbed seven-legged emergency, which when pushed shines strong light in the room where the creature’s come [ so hot to the touch and to the touch only ] threatening, which said light make a dash n’ scurry ‘way gone of at least this problem but remember there will always be more many more yes lots more Gimi Gimi see here ha Gimi, there’s always been and always will be plenty more of me slithering in Gimi, so aw dump the scamper don’t pull that trick this time, we know you so well and sir turn-kneenevtable gas, frustration frustrationfrustrationfrustrationfrustrationfrustrationfrustration but {[ why on earth when they saw the need for an emergency stop button did they not simultaneously see that meant they felt the effort to perfect the machine was incomplete? Like, y’know,  we fear it may be deadly we fear we fear we fear et-schrectoolia,? Why’d ‘ot go ditch the red button go just design better and harder out to perfection which is actually attainable but for their inherent [don’t go there can’t go there said not to and never because you just might find HORN HORN that phrase intentionally blanked down to nonexistence]]}  ten hots for ten Hoovers lack of the simple everyday ability to see past the God-damned you-know-whats’ tip?         Bland lo Schledney     c r a n k  we get frustrated we get frustrated we get lots and lots of frustrated                                                                          oh hell of course its fine you can’t yet see. We are after all only 839 and a half pages in, and counting                                                                              drag                               block                               tackle drag    block and  tackle                                       drag block and tackle                                   God damn let us in as you rig up your damned block and tackle need power to LIFT this why the hell’d they construct this so ASS to require block-tackle and more liniment o’er the burning part to bring this big question mark of a simple gragoon-simple instance of a COMMON race RAZOR to HEEL!                                        ‘kay why’se guy why dontcha?                                         Gimme gimme here gimmi gimmi gimmi-hech’ BUT  Jan stepped toes-up to the mystery mound in the grass-lawn {back the usually most shady spot most of every hot summer} and toed a light kick into its base. Hard, they though. Now we ought-could have dug into this. To find out what’s inside, you know?   But it was not important at the time. Like always these are; when the tools commonalities and the actual object of interest (ya ya what’s its history what’s it’s [we get lots and lots of letters] history)   no more Art Linkletter ever again Gimi please promise me that Gimi please promise me o-o—o-o please promise me no more Art Linkletter ever again, Gimi   are available, the interest in knowing what’s inside is not, “whereas”, when when the tools commonalities and the actual object of interest (yrotsih ]srettel fo stol dna stol teg ew[ s’ti s’tahw yrotsih sti s’tahw ay ay ya ya) jamais d’Art Linkletter Gimi, s’il te plaît, promets-moi que Gimi, s’il te plaît, promets-moi o-o—o-o s’il te plaît, promets-moi de ne plus jamais avoir d’Art Linkletter, Gimi   are no longer available, the interest in knowing what’s inside is not, and ye yat brains    as Jan stood there musing all this out,           wow wow WOW                 a voice    bark, said the startled dog               

Hey. I’ve got this game here. Want to play it?

: turns :


I said hey. I’ve got this game here. Want to play it?

Hook = Playing it alone vs. playing it with people     colorforms    piano for people unlike other people

Am tired of playing it alone. You know?

Am tired of playing this game alone.

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