Story from Joan Beebe

The Christmas Magic of Santa’s House


I had a dream so real.  It seemed I was walking along a snowy path where the rays of the sun made the snow glisten like a precious jewel.  In the distance, I saw a gingerbread- like cottage with Christmas trees in the front and side of the cottage.  The snow sat on the green branches in a beautiful array making it a delight to one’s eyes.

As I approached the cottage, I could see very busy elves running here and running there with toys and mysterious packages in their arms.  Then the door opened and Santa himself beckoned me to come in.  Once inside, the glow of Christmas was evident all through the house.  There were several decorated Christmas trees in the spacious and beautiful living room.  Some new and old toys were placed on the mantle of the large brick fireplace, including a small wooden painted train, several troll figures, a baby doll in a little bed, miniature tea sets and a small iron red firetruck with a fireman at the wheel and a dog sitting proudly there

Though this charming cottage had the look and feel of times gone by, when Santa opened the door to the kitchen, I was amazed to see a very modern one.  In this large kitchen were several refrigerators, a freezer and two modern stoves.  A table sat in the middle of the kitchen upon which there were baking dishes, cookie sheets and some pots and pans.  Santa introduced me to Mrs. Santa Claus and she welcomed me with a beautiful smile, then handed me a fancy decorated Christmas cookie.  The kitchen was painted a soft white but all the appliances were almost a ruby red.  It was a busy place as elves were helping Mrs. Claus to bake dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies, cakes and pies.  In one corner, elves were decorating cookies, in another more elves were frosting the cakes with red and white frosting trimmed with green ivy around the edge of those cakes.  Other elves were rolling out pie crusts to await the filling of apple, blueberry, pumpkin and mince.

I was getting pretty tired after that cold walk in the snow so Mrs. Claus urged me to lie down and rest a while.  When I did, I fell fast asleep.  I woke up after some time and realized I was in my own bed but not all was a dream because it was Christmas morning and I knew breakfast would be waiting for me.  But first down the stairs I rushed to see if presents were left under our beautiful Christmas tree with the scent of pine drifting in the air.  Many brightly wrapped packages were there in colors of green, red and gold.  Santa had left me a shiny sled, a new pair of ice skates, and a pretty doll dressed in an 1880’s style ball gown with flowers in her raven black hair.

My dream made me happy but Christmas morning was even better, not just because of presents but a feeling of calm and peacefulness.  I would like to believe that most people had joy in their hearts with love and a wish that peace and good will be given to all mankind.

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