Story from Mokhinur Abduhalilova

Closeup headshot of a young Central Asian woman with black hair and black eyes and a purple sweater over her collared shirt. She's wearing medals on her breast.
Mokhinur Abduhalilova


A 15-year-old boy named Omadbek lived in the outskirts of the village, in an ordinary family, in a house with walls divided from the bottom.

Jamshid is from a rich family which gives all comforts for him. However, he was not a boy who is interested in studying at all, he may be seen sometimes at school, much time was absent. He is really keen on playing the phone all time. He has even his own personal smartphone. Omadbek is one of the children who are disabled. He didn’t have both hands. He lives alone with his mother in a small house in hard days Omadbek’s dad died when he was too young. He cannot remember that person. One day he came up with something that no one had thought of before. He searched and tried all the day and night to realize this idea. while his friend, Jamshid was addicted to the phone every day. Finally plan came to the light. He created special prosthetic hands for himself. Now Omadbek can write with his hands and do his work with his hands himself. Before, he used to do the work with his feet, not with arms.

When his mother saw this situation, she was really delighted and happy, moreover, she couldn’t stop herself from tears of love. Today, Omadbek’s dreams came true. He goes to school the first time. Because before he was one of the only students who do not attend to school. When he stepped on the threshold of the school, he felt a kind of excitement inside him. Then the lesson began. Life was full of possibilities while Jamshid was playing his phone in the same class.

After the lesson had finished, Omadbek went to the near of Jamshid’s desk. He said “why are you are playing on the phone?” Jamshid continued to play on the phone and did not pay attention to him. One day, Omadbek participated in the Science Olympiade and won the 1st place, and the latest model phone was as a gift. After knowing about this, Jamshid went to Omadbek and said, “Let me see your phone.” He handed the phone to him saying, “Okay”. “Omadbek, let’s play together your phone”. Omadbek replied that he would give this phone to her mum. Jamshid’s face turned red. He asked how he can achieve such an achievement like his friend. Omadbek replied: 

–My friend, it’s easy, let’s prepare and get ready together.

Time has passed. Both Omadbek and Jamshid participated in the Science Olympiade. Jamshid was waiting for the result of the competition. After some time, both of them heard the news that they got the 1st place, they achieved this success together. Jamshid stopped playing the phone and started reading diverse books. Jamshid thanked Omadbek for bringing him back from this path. 

Now the two friends are among the best students in the school. The benefit of the story is that the book is always good. Let there be more people like Omadbek among us.