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Rafiul Islam

It was 31th century. The world was much better then. Then many types of advanced machines were invented in the world. Such as Time Machine, Spaceship, Adaptation Light etc. There were also many advanced inventions. People did not use any petrol or diesel vehicles then. Then special types of scientific vehicles were invented. 

As a result of one of these machines, the whole world was in the hands of man. Humans could travel to any planet using advanced spaceships. Humans wanted to make the climate of Mars similar to that of Earth. Humans then use Adaptation Light to work on climate change on Mars without hindrance. Gradually the climate became suitable for human habitation. 

Then scientists started observing the neighboring planet Venus. Then they noticed changes in the weather on Venus. But they didn't think much about it. After many days, the scientists saw that the climate had changed a lot. Then the scientists decided to go to Venus. They went there in a spaceship and found that there was a kind of life living there. The scientists became invisible with the help of the invisible machine and wandered there. Scientists see that aliens have built many big cities there. They also made many weapons. 

Scientists noticed that the weapons are much more advanced than the earth's weapons. This means that the aliens are much more intelligent than the people of the earth. Then the scientists came to know from there that the stay of the aliens on Venus will be short-lived because soon Venus will be destroyed. So the aliens were looking for other planets. And they found Earth and aliens also knew that Earth was inhabited by life. So they are making the weapons to destroy the human race on earth. 

Then after knowing these scientists quickly returned to earth. Scientists get together to think how to stop the aliens. Scientists try to communicate with aliens via satellite. But the scientists did not succeed in this. But they build another satellite and scientists use strange words to describe the aliens. Finally they succeeded in communicating with the aliens. Then the scientists tell the aliens that there was human habitation on earth, they should find another planet. But the aliens didn't listen. They prepared to invade Earth. 

Then the Earth scientists decided to use the time machine to save the Earth. Scientists used a time machine to travel to the past and take some miniature bombs with them. The scientists planted the bomb in all the spaceships of the aliens and returned to the present. When the aliens left for Earth, the scientists warned the aliens. But they didn't pay attention to the words of scientists. The scientists then detonated the bombs on the spaceships loaded with alien weapons. Then the aliens got scared and the aliens surrendered. Scientists say we need a planet to live on. 

So we wanted to take over the world. Where will we live? Already the climate of Mars has become habitable. Scientists believed that good relations with aliens will benefit mankind. So the scientists asked the aliens to live on Mars and the aliens accepted. Many years later, aliens have built cities on Mars and are living peacefully. And now aliens have a good relationship with humans. Scientists are discovering more new things with alien. And the world has become a very beautiful and advanced planet. And the human race has become full of modernity.

Md.Rafiul Islam is a student of grade 7 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

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