Chimezie Ihekuna (Mr. Ben)’s children’s book The Darn Things Kids Say

Assortment of different children with different expressions and hair colors (clip art) with pencils and rainbows and the sun and leaves. Text says The Darn Things Kids Say by Mr. Ben.

About The Author: Mr. Ben, as he is called, is a published poet, writer, playwright, essayist, lyricist, spoken words and voice over artiste. He has written a body of works that relates with several interests. His works touch on areas of education, inspiration, sexuality, entertainment, lifestyle and other interests, all with the aim of face-lifting mankind towards greatness . Given his multi-genre approach, Mr. Ben’s acrostic, G.A.N.G.S.T.A.R , which stands for Generally Appreciating Notable Genres by Stating Their Applicable Relevance, has now become his trademark. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, he delights in reading, traveling and meeting people. 

About The Book: Miss Alice, 24, always fond of being addressed as Aunty Alice, teaches Moral Instructions in an Elementary School. This time, she seeks to engage her pupils in a discussion regarding what they like and dislike about their parents. It turns out that their statements are darn to the core!

This book is available from Prakhar Goonj Publications in India.