Essay from Asadova Sabina

Sabina Asadova
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    A person should set a goal for himself/herself in life... Some people set a small goal for themselves: buying a new phone, going on vacation, others for a bigger one: a million dollar turnover per month. Plans such as creating a business or building a house for his family. Some people dream of unattainable things: solving the problem of poverty in the country, living in space. That's why you should have enough intelligence to set a goal that matches your strength.

   "The goal must be to achieve happiness, otherwise the fire will not roar enough, the driving force will not be powerful enough - therefore, success will not be fully achieved," - says Theodore Dreiser.

  In fact, if a person has set a goal for himself, he should devote all his energy to it and avoid all other distractions.

      Each of you has your own place in life. The main thing for us is your desire to speak. Among the invited guests, we can see that you are more enthusiastic than others. Don't forget, it all depends on you! It's time to show yourself!

      We invite you to the world of fear! This world will be a testing world for you. In this, you will test your ability, your ability to get out of the situation in the face of difficulties and your readiness for drastic actions!

 And we will show you the ways to skillfully get out of various difficult situations and make impossible things possible. And you just move forward!

 There are people who leave the world without a dream. Such people do not swim like fish, on the contrary, the current carries them. Therefore, in the beautiful garden called life, dream of growing a flower that amazes the world with its fragrance.

    As you walk towards the goal, the difficulty increases as you get closer. So, if you have set a great goal, you will achieve it with perseverance and beautiful patience. After all, the key to achieving the goal is hard work, patience and research.