Essay from Bakhora Bakhtiyorova

Central Asian teen girl with a cartoon tee shirt and a wristwatch resting her hand on her head.
Bakhora Bakhtiyorova

Have you ever been in debt beyond your ability to pay?
That's what I owed to my MOM!!!

First I took a life, then I got endless love, I got youth, health, a beautiful figure, and beauty...
How about a replacement??? Instead, I got on his nerves by being manly and capricious. And then I got all my black hair by talking about my ridiculous problems, pains, and expenses... In exchange for all that I got, my mother asked God in every prayer for me to laugh, not to feel pain, to be happy, not for herself...
My mother, what a miracle you are. We were happy for each age, not because you are getting older, but because my child is getting older. The only thing worth saying for what we have received from you is our love, we loved you very much. We can't pretend it's youth or stubbornness, but we love you so much, mom!
I asked God to stay with me all my life, bless us and make our lives beautiful. Today I praise God for creating me as your child, for giving me a mother like you... I'm fine... I'm fine Without MOTHER

Author Bakhora Bakhtiyorova Asliddin Daughter