Essay from Tasirul Islam

South Asian teen boy with short brown hair and a white collared school uniform. A calendar hangs on the wall behind him.
Tasirul Islam

Responsibilities of a Teacher

Teachers are the personalities who deal with education to students. It is the responsibility of teachers to give proper education of and treat them well. Teachers guide the students to the right path. They give good advice to students for their better future. In every case teachers are very punctual and regular in taking classes and do their duties sincerely. Their pronunciation is good. Almost teachers work with their students both in classroom and outside the classroom. They try to make their lesson interesting and keep their students active in the class. Teachers know well how to increase the curiosity of the students in their respective performance. Every language teacher should speak in English with the proper accent. 

Teachers should give love to students. Teacher should maintain their responsibilities properly. And student should respect the teachers. Teachers guide their students to maintain the right path of the students. Every teacher should look after their students. Teachers are also responsible for updating their knowledge in rules such as health & safety at work and child protection guidelines. Students need to have a teacher that has values and understand the importance of values. Teachers are instructors, guides, philosophers, friends, tutors, and evaluators. So only the teachers are the persons whom we think to be the torch bearers for the students.

Md. Tasirul Islam is a student of grade 9 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.