Poem from Chloe Schoenfeld

She doesn’t know it, yet

She doesn’t know, yet

But one day she’ll, know

What it means, to die

And be reborn, beautiful she will be

She’ll spread her wings, fly

But she doesn’t know it yet

She doesn’t know it yet

But she will be, the butterfly

That she cried over, when she squashed it beneath her shoe

She doesn’t know it yet, the butterfly

Survived, and flew off

Afraid, but alive

How alive, was she

When she found her own kingdom by the sea

But she doesn’t know it yet

How unlike everyone I’ve ever met

My beautiful, darling Annabel Lee

One thought on “Poem from Chloe Schoenfeld

  1. There is resilience in this poem. Also implicit is the beauty that is the reality of a butterfly.

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