Poems from Michael Reich


They give you 
happy pills
to make you "feel" safe
while they manipulate you
with cookies
to steal your mental freedom
so that you trust people
you never met
or will meet.


Porn blows your trust

Porn uses
the ancient Oxytocin 
trust building blast
in this day and age
as a tool
to build trust
with media
you shouldn't trust,
rather than building bonds
with real human beings
that want to live 
together with you
instead of through a screen.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love:
love beyond measure.

the worms 
eating your flesh
as they crawl into your casket:

be their nourishment
end their suffering,
let them take your body.

True love

What’s More Insane?

What's more insane?

Shamanic wisdom,
Choosing a direction
based on the way a stick falls,
the earth's rotation,
and interaction with living DNA?


"Culturally accepted knowledge,"
choosing a direction
based on some A
I embedded in a digital map
whose very existence
was created by corporations 
who want to 
turn you into 
an Orwellian product?

Prepare the youth

The APA recommends
babies remain alone
on their back
in crib

not for their health persay
but to prepare them
for an isolated
digital future,
"warming them up"
for the lonely 
digital winter
to come
with no human connection:
the singularity

TBHQ for Freshness

Keep the citizens
marching alone,
getting their 
comfort from food 
grown to ensure
the most satisfying pain,
sweet to the taste buds:

The members of 
a preserved society 
don't know
pain and death 
give life.

TBHQ for freshness,
keep the citizens
"fresh" and asleep
unaware of the suffering 
embedded in their tasty treats,
how the American dream,
the dream of comfort,
is always realized
at the expense of 
someone else's pain
and exploitation.

And don't you dare
let the citizens
Keep them meek 
and asleep,
yet alive --
marching forward 
in the game of 
trading death
rational consent.