Poetry and art from Daniel De Culla


An older gentleman
Wanted to have love affairs with a young woman
That she was a waitress at a coffee bar
The Bowery pub
Who was married to a pizza courier
Arranging one night for him to come to the bar
Barking, at the door, like a dog
That she would leave telling the manager:
I'm going to kick that dog out.
With such a tale
The two marched to the banks of the Arlanzón river
To eat with kisses
And get laid quickly.
When they returned to the bar
They met the pizza courier
That he had asked the manager:
-Where is my wife?
Answering him:
-She's gone to chase that dog.
Appearing at the moment
His wife and the “old man”.
The bar manager
Asked the old man how it had gone
The dog thing
Answering him
Praising the woman first:
-If it's not for her we don't get the dog
Seven swelled it for me and seven emptied it for me.
The husband who listened
Asked the manager:
-What is this about?
Replying the manager:
-No, you're welcome.
This goes from a coarse clay vessel
Wich is wider at the mouth
That for the base.
-Daniel de Culla