Poetry from Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu

M Y   J E W E L 
You're the poetry I study
In you, I find myself busy
Getting to know you weren't easy
It's as hard as reaching the sky

You're the book I flip through
In you, I find comfort & solace
A truly human being I become
For you enlarge my mind.

You're the music I always harken to 
In you, I find myself in the elysian field 
A field of complete bliss & cock​aigne
It's as sweet as the seventh paradise.

Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu
An Infant Poet ✍️✍️

One thought on “Poetry from Ubali Ibrahim Hashimu

  1. This reads like a romantic poem. Even though I was told it was a poem about books. I saw books as simile for someone you love. Books are all of those things you mentioned. A love is also those thing and more.

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