Poetry from Abdul-Aziz Muhammad Inuwa

The poet

In the ocean of metaphor,
In the heart of simile, 
Where personification reside, 
Metonymy, and anaphora ride, 
Behind stands a pen, 
Like a gentle wind, 
Like a growing light, 
Trying to survive, just survive, 
In this widened world, 
Where creativity unfold, 
Where ink becomes rain, 
Dripping on more beautifully,
Designing lightness and darkness. 

In it poetry becomes a land, 
Where euphoria and love held, 
Where nature and beauty abound, 
Like a blowing breeze, 
Like a roaming sunlight, 
As bright as air, 
As obvious as breath. 
In this narrow path, 
There exists no dearth, 
For only fulfilment birth. 
Languages are embellished, 
Words are sowed, in the sand, 
Psyche, dreams, are depicted, 
So in it we breath – it's a soft breath. 

Abdul-Aziz Muhammad Inuwa is an enthusiast writer, a mass communicator, a student with Taraba state university (T.S.U). He hails from Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria. He's a lust of becoming a poet, so, he's inspired by the landscapes of literature. 

7 thoughts on “Poetry from Abdul-Aziz Muhammad Inuwa

  1. This was a amazing inpirational poem. I love the rynmte and Amiens are beautiful written in a great way.
    The lines are amazing written, the writing style is good plus the word used in this poem was awesome.

    • Thank you so much for this fraternal gesture! It means a lot to me.

  2. This is amazing and beautifully structured. Congratulations. Sigar higher🌟

    • You’re inspiration to me, Sister. Thank you so much for your kind words and show of love and support.

  3. Wow! Beautifully captures the figures of speech to pass thoughts upon which thoughts are required. Such an amazing work!

    • Thank you so much, Sir! I’m highly delighted with this show of love and support, it means the world to me.

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