Poetry from Abdullah al Mamun

Young South Asian teen boy with brown eyes, short brown hair, and a collared shirt and school lanyard and name tag. He's standing in a school hallway with lockers on his right.
Abdullah Al Mamun

Everything in nature -- seen the feature. 
Birds fly in the sky, 
Mountains are so high.
Trees are green, 
Water so clean. 
Never betrays
It always gives us right way, 
Don't try to play with it.

Abdullah Al Mamun is a student of grade 7 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

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  1. This issue September 2023: A Commemoration is very much for me. I’t’s a promise and a delight. It has a nice collective sense to it, specially the young voices with their good ideas.
    I thank Cristina sincerely for her long and interesting journal postmarked Seprember, and the other past.
    Every Best Wish

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