Poetry from Ahmad Al-Khatat

Only Fragments Found 

I wonder how can I tell my child that we are humans? 

Everyone is pointing and shouting at 
The blacks, the Asians, and the Arabs. 
I don't understand who is inferior or superior. 

Am I lazy to remain silent? 
Like a warrior widow. 
Maybe I am insane to resist the awful travesty? 
Bush promised me that he is going to establish equal opportunity and peace for my country. 

Since the war started only fragments found 

Everyday is another kind of tragedy  
Nobody dreams of being a comedy  
Although, most of the soldiers are crazy. 
I learn about peace and not preferable race  

Undesirable faces must be wiped off the earth  
We are not corpses yet, we must record our existence
The sadness and massacres must be in history books. 

If our stories are miserable then you can laugh at me  
If our memories are from the past then slaughter my life  

Those bullets holes on the wall of my grandparent's room, They will not be erased, 
hold my hand and let me breathe fresh air. 

10/12/2021 Bleeding Heart Poet