Poetry from Akhlina Ankhi

Young Central Asian woman with a peach headscarf with decorative jewels and a pink top standing outside in front of trees.
Akhlina Ankhi

 A Journey of the Couple Soul 

Two landless souls emerge from one land of earth,
Breaking the wall of border,
Crossing the bondage of fear, 
Going to ignite the fire of lust
Like with sparrow's passion,
Wearing tilak of phoenix bird's ashes
That they can wander throughout the whole world,
To set fire on every injustice, 
To offer love to all.
They want to give birth a new world of unity 
Where everyone will get sunshine, air and water equally. 
The wing of couple soul has apparently started journey to the way of the world,
To spread aroma of peace across the World Village.

Aklima Ankhi, poet, storyteller and translator from Cox'sbazar, Bangladesh. Born in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. She has a published poetry named "Guptokothar Shobdochabi" written in Bangla.She is a post graduate in English Literature. As a profession she is a Lecturer in English.