Poetry from Akinmade Abayomi Zeal

I've not Lived

Until I soak myself under the sun
Almost ferried away by the waves of the ocean
Flipped by the flaps of the flapping trees
Tasting the salts of the sea
And living like the bliss of the heavens, 
Drenched in the rain, pregnant with dreams
And delivered of all my fantasies. 

I have not lived, until I'm ready for death
Choking from too many pleasures - satisfied
Yawning, belching, dizzy, weary from hedonism
Hence clamouring to see my Home
Begging, dying to meet my Maker
And see the house He'd prepared yonder
For me to retire
And be steeled from terror
And malice 
And treason
And poison 
Where I'd wrestle with death
And be defeated by death
And take my turn to win through defeat:
My battles over death - finally and permanently.
And then be immune to terror
And be forever condemned to bliss
In my own flat 
That my Maker prepared yonder.

I have not lived!
Until I see the sky under the East.
I have not lived
To see the rising of the sun
Neither have I seen the sky in the West
Nor lived to relish the setting of its sun
And watch the moon from the West glistening,
And adore my Maker for His mightiness. 

I have not lived!
For I have not breathed from the North
Nor sleep in the East
Nor take my detour to Aomori
Where even the angels might freeze. 

I have not lived!
And I want to live
To breathe the air of the North
And soak myself in the oven
As I'm freezing from the frenzy of the Bahamas 
And watch my seeds run around
While I watch
Admiring their tiny little legs
And their hearts brimming of innocence. 

I have not lived!
So neither malice nor rancour
Nor hatred should get the best of me.
For I want away with terror
With malice 
With poison 
With envy
With lust
With lost
With everything omen. 
I want away with all
Until I truly live. 


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