Poetry from Ali Haider

Young South Asian boy with short brown hair and a collared white school uniform shirt. He's standing in a hallway with a window.
Ali Haider

Evil Brothers

Once upon a time two brothers lived in a village. The elder brother was very hardworking but the younger brother never worked. They had a cow farm. There were ten cows in the farm. Five younger brothers and five elder brothers. The elder brother used to take care of ten cows alone and the younger brother used to rest all day. If the milk of ten cows were sold the younger brother would take half of the money. This continued for several years. One day suddenly the elder brother got upset and said, "I can’t handle your cow anymore." This
started a fight between the two brothers. After the quarrel was over the elder brother decided to sell his cows and go abroad. So that day he sold his cows. On the other hand the younger brother decided to kill his elder brother’s cows. So he went to the farm at midnight
and killed five cows. Next morning his elder brother told him good bye and went abroad.

Hearing the younger brother said “Where did you get the money to go abroad?” The elder brother said he had sold the cows. Hearing this, the younger brother ran to the farm and saw the dead cows and started crying. And said what happened to me while harming to others.

Moral lesson: If you want to harm others, you harm yourself.

Ali Haider is a student of grade 7 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.