Poetry from Aliyu Umar Muhammad


My language tells me all I know
That for every name, is a contour 
To the beginning of it's origin

That God breathe into souls
I pushed in fears, oxygenate prayers
And dioxidize glory in a carbonated poem

That to back my country
Is to lick lips of men with juicy curses 
My head stocking valleys of grieving

That heaven is full of lovers
The sun adores moon 
Like how lord sweeten kids
For men are riot gods
Men fighting peace to how stars looked peaceful

That for in a second a trumpet plays
We will all melt into sands gone
And  there be a holy poem to recite 

That for every angel's letter 
Is an acquaintance of either of two postal stamps
Everything in right means good to go

There are more classes after learning red.
Your body deceives you

The address being located at the street in your spine

My language tells me all I know
That everything invisible isn't God
God is always beautiful when you close your eyes looking into his.

Aliyu Umar Muhammad is an 18 years old Nigerian writer, poet, spoken word artist and a member of Hill Top Creative Arts Foundation, TYNSWA and Guided Minds Initiatives. His works are published and forth coming on: Kalahari review, pine cone review, open doors magazine and elsewhere.

One thought on “Poetry from Aliyu Umar Muhammad

  1. A poem is like dioxides mixture glory dissolving themselves in a lab that the poet calls it a carbonated poem compared to. Here in this poem the poet refers to some elements of the world’s nature dealing with human body, angel, heaven etc. with its complexities loving each other that God is beautiful

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