Poetry from Anindya Paul

The river is another companion

The surprising stream was with you 
The mystery was carried away with the flapping sound of water 
Come down from the stone navel
Weapons wear torrent clothing
Hear the heavenly call throughout the centuries. 
You made me mound 
You are crazy and fickle about me
But a clear beauty blossomed under the current 
 Let's float in the waterfall
 Make love to the river.
 Fill the bubble with love
 Our fate is written on the gravel
 You are flowing with the river 
You are flying in the moisture
 That made my pores are wet. 
 Dreams wake the beauty of the boat
 Moonshing washes away sweat stains
 Drowning in your flow. 

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Anindya Paul

  1. Such a wonderful poetry!!…
    Will be waiting for more from you Sir!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥳🥳

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