Poetry from Bilatu Abdullahi


This land, the one, you used to reside in, who do you think, gave it for free? everything free, the air, the wind, the sky, the rain, the bloom, the feeds, yet you thought, you are powerful enough to defeat me, enough to dictate everything, just because all these became a reality like de ja vu, you really think it shall be like that, how futile of you lunatic and psychotic being, invincibles yet imbeciles. so it shall be, all you have designed and dictated? Then you must be the god, the god(s) you pray tol, now the god is you, do your best to be the god or perhaps the dog. please reflect the god in you, you damn Abaddon, Abram cove, let me tell you, you are the god(s), but none shall have recognized, excepts of pious, the purity levels, is nowhere closed to the human touch, your arse-crawler, passed your levels. So please be the god now, am tired of your creative stupidity, you think you can kill me? Me of all people? Me that’s me? Me that’s you? Me is the power, the pen, you can’t know forever, for I can’t let you, please look forward and be in solace, Abyssinia.

You all, we are toxic both of us, including me, because destiny is the bad bitch, she chosen me nonetheless, the cupper, now it changes to cunning man, so you all blind cupids, open your damn useless eyes and see me, I am here, your closest at that, yet, I dare you to tempt with me.

You literalist, so stupid, coward of a being, few exceed my crunch test, I gave you all, this kind of cupboard love, but failed, majority of you does, many follows the road of destructions of ashes, I tried my best with you, I don’t care now, where you choose to be,” let the damn ship sinks” everyone shall escape or die, the death itself is brassed off, and like a brass knocker, it awaits you.

Bilatu Abdullahi is a Final year student from the department of biological sciences, Gombe state University. She was passionate about writing poetry as her hubby despite being so good in her sciences. Her dream is to bring change to her community through her pen.