Poetry from Daniel de Culla


The morning has already arrived.
Youth is:
-Get up now my son. Don't be a slacker.
Get up; get handsome
That the Professor sees you beautiful.
At snack time, at recess
Eat it and don't give it to the birds.
If a partner hurts you
Go run to the teacher
Or the principal of the school.
Be careful when you tie your shoelaces
Of the shoes
Because they told me
That the religion teacher
Who is a catechist
Gets close to the boys and girls’ ass
Let's see if their panties or briefs are made of silk.
Don't go into the bathroom alone
Well, there are clever companions
What have they learned
To give up the ass
That, one day, they will become parish priests
Or state politicians.
Don't go alone down the street
Because there are criminals and wicked
That, with trompe l'oeil
They want to see if the boys and girls’ asses
Really have a seraph face.
-But, mom, if Serafin is a boy!
Whom everyone loves
Because he teaches us to jerk off
For one euro
And gives us the prick like a Chinese lantern.
-My son, don't be stupid.
Stop rubbing
That you will lose the sap of Life
And your teeth will fall out.
Go, better, to play in the street
With the skates
With that little girl friend of you "la Puri"
To which you have said more than once:
-Pretty, you still haven't given me your meat
Why do you ask me for the eggs?
And learn, coxcomb¡

-Daniel de Cu