Poetry from Don Bormon

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Don Bormon

In a land where hope was draped in despair,
A voice emerged, bold and rare,
Bangabandhu, the harbinger of light,
Guiding his nation through the darkest night.

His words resonated with a fiery passion,
Igniting flames of freedom in every heart and emotion.
With his unwavering determination,
He fought for justice and liberation.

Through trials and tribulations, he stood tall,
A beacon of courage, inspiring us all.
Bangabandhu, the father of our land,
Led us towards prosperity, hand in hand.

He dreamed of a nation, free from chains,
Where equality and progress would reign.
He fought for the rights of the oppressed,
In his vision, humanity was blessed.

His conviction and sacrifices were profound,
As he built a nation on solid ground.
With love and unity, he bridged divides,
A symbol of strength, where hope resides.

We remember Bangabandhu, a true leader,
Whose legacy echoes, making us stronger.
His spirit guides us, even today,
To strive for a better world, come what may.

Let his words echo in each generation,
Inspiring us with unwavering dedication.
Bangabandhu, the hero of our land,
Forever cherished, we proudly stand.


Chapainawabganj, a place where rivers flow 
A land of beauty, where stories grow.
With fertile fields and green landscapes wide,
This place fills my heart with joy and pride.

The Padma River gracefully winds its way,
Through the heart of this town, day by day.
Its gentle ripples and soothing sound,
Echo the charm of this sacred ground.

Golden paddy fields stretch far and wide,
Underneath the sun's warm and golden tide.
As farmers toil with sweat on their brow,
Nature's blessings surely doth endow.

The mango groves fill the air with sweet perfume,
As spring arrives, casting away all gloom.
Here, amidst orchards, nature's melody plays,
With birdsongs that brighten all our days.

Chapainawabganj, a tapestry divine,
With history etched in every ancient shrine.
The Rajbari's regal presence reminds,
Of the grandeur from a bygone time.

The people, hearty and kind, greet with a smile,
Their warmth and hospitality, never dial.
With folk songs and dances, their culture thrives,
A celebration of life, that forever survives.

In every corner, the tales of the past,
Whispered by ruins that have come to last.
They remind us of heritage, strong and true,
And our duty to preserve, for me and you.

Chapainawabganj, a land so dear,
Forever etched in memory, crystal clear.
May it prosper and flourish, as the years unfold,
A treasure trove of wonders, a beauty untold.

Don Bormon is a student of grade 8 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.

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