Poetry from Don Bormon

Young South Asian teen with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a white collared shirt with a school emblem on the breast.
Don Bormon

In nature's grand tapestry, they stand tall,
Silent guardians, ancient and wise, one and all.
Their branches reach out, like arms embracing the sky,
Unfolding a spectacle that catches the eye.

Trees, oh trees, with your leaves so green,
Pouring tranquility into every scene.
Whispering secrets in the gentle breeze,
A melody of life that puts the heart at ease.

From mighty oaks to graceful willows we see,
A myriad of forms, each with its own decree.
Birch, maple, and pine, a diverse display,
Painting landscapes with hues in every way.

In spring, you shower us with blossoms fair,
A delicate burst of colors beyond compare.
In summer, your shade offers sweet relief,
A respite from the sun, a much-needed rep

Don Bormon is a student of grade 8 in Harimohan Government High School, Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh.