Poetry from Duane Vorhees


Continual production

at the off-spring factory

depends on joyful toil

as per union contract.


The ears of gray age

are evergreen

to flattering

young lips.

Wrinkled fingers page

through libraries

of memory

for quips

and smart repartee,

but arthritis

turns books to dust

and bugs.

The passage of days

makes men flaccid

and takes acid

to love.


01.Though may flies,

we measure our lives

in terms of many eons

02.Love is equal to hate

and both can be misplaced

03.We jackknife ourselves before a cross,

a crescent, a star, a lotus,

04.We walk our lives on that high wire

we stretched between the mountains

05. Reason is trumped by belief

and faith may be deceived

06.Since we invented sin,

then we must devise synagogue

07.On one side the fountain,

on one side the fire

08.Devotion to the mosque

won't delay the mausoleum


I never learned to talk,

knew it from within;

didn’t come by the laws

of any alphabet

but stole them from the din

of fortune’s graduates.

The body drives the mind.

My throat knew how to sing

before it learned to rhyme.

Until my eyes could read

I thought that I could think.

And then, I learned to weep.


And Other Intimate Architecture

There was a trivial citadel

that existed to impede access

to your perfumed garden paradise.

And you were its timid sentinel.

I was just a dutiful student

who honored all my obligations

and practiced my prayers and prostrations

with you, my own beautiful student.

My fingers worshiped at the twin domes

that heaven your naked marble mosque.

The minarets misted in the dusk

and we infidels were left alone

to prove the functions of 2 in math.

That exercise exhausted our thoughts

such that we taliban soon forgot

the rehearsed sureh of The Straight Path.

We had one last equation to solve--

my fixed ambition was to conquer

your famed fragile but stubborn structure,

penetrate its crenellated walls.

Our algebra engineered a bridge,

and it carried me over the edge.

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