Poetry from Elmaya Jabbarova

White woman with long black hair and a black blouse with flowers on it.
Elmaya Jabbarova

There are good things too!
Friends and acquaintances who loved us true, 
Beloved birds chirping with cheerful glee, 
Once again on that shore, sands askew, 
Love's feast they've set, inviting you and me. 
See how long it's been since our paths diverged, 
No arrivals, no tidings brought our way, 
Sweet desires dwindling, barely emerged, 
Arriving at your intent, missing the day. 
Frail souls, blinded by grudges and spite, 
One day the wedding you boasted will rot, 
Fueled by hatred and greed's endless fight, 
The jug will shatter, unable to be sought.
Let's momentarily forget the days that passed, 
Observe the skies, the moonlit night's dance, 
Shake off the dust, let go of the past, 
Rooting our hearts anew, in this fresh chance.

Elmaya Jabbarova - was born in Azerbaijan. She is poet, writer, reciter, translator. Her poems were published in the regional newspapers «Shargin sesi», «Ziya», «Hekari», literary collections «Turan», «Karabakh is Azerbaijan!», «Zafar», «Buta», foreign Anthologies «Silk Road Arabian Nights», «Nano poem for
Africa», «Juntos por las Letras 1;2», «Kafiye.net» in Turkey, in the African's CAJ magazine, Bangladesh's Red Times magazine, «Prodigy Published» magazine. She performed her poems live on Bangladesh Uddan TV, at the II Spain Book Fair 1ra Feria Virtual del Libro Panama, Bolivia, Uruguay, France, Portugal, USA.