Poetry from Elmaya Jabbarova

Light skinned European woman with long curly dark hair and a black blouse with a colorful floral design. She's in front of floral wallpaper.
Elmaya Jabbarova
Unforgettable Loves 

Love lived from afar to afar, 
Like an angel sent from the divine, 
Neglect it not, for someone's worth, 
The beat of your heart, the breath in line. 
Daytime's dream within your gaze, 
Bestowing moonlight upon the night, 
Should the dream fade, unheard it be, 
A sigh of that moment, taking flight. 
Love known in this world as ardor, 
A matchstick tending a hidden flame, 
Embers untouched, unburned by time, 
Desires held close, their passions untamed. 
Life written together with her by your side, 
Both a reality and dreamscape combined, 
When you find your place, cease to wander, 
It's the honeyed voice you've longed to find! 


Elmaya Jabbarova - was born in Azerbaijan. She is poet, writer, reciter, translator.
Her poems were published in the regional newspapers «Shargin sesi», «Ziya»,
«Hekari», literary collections «Turan», «Karabakh is Azerbaijan!», «Zafar»,
«Buta», foreign Anthologies «Silk Road Arabian Nights», «Nano poem for
Africa», «Juntos por las Letras 1;2», «Kafiye.net» in Turkey, in the African's CAJ
magazine, Bangladesh's Red Times magazine, «Prodigy Published» magazine. She
performed her poems live on Bangladesh Uddan TV, at the II Spain Book Fair 1ra
Feria Virtual del Libro Panama, Bolivia, Uruguay, France, Portugal, USA.