Poetry from Gabriel T. Saah

The Beauty of Poetry

The beauty of poetry
String words together,
Make them look better,
It shows you,
How our fair lady is.

She is a honeycomb
dripping honey that tastes
biter sweet.

She is a bird 
sitting over a still pond,
Singing a tone to the fishes
swimming below
of the approaching fishermen.

She is a medicine for the heart,
A wind with hands to calm
the beasts that bellow
inhumane and immodest acts.

She is a wine that eases pain,
Therefore he who knows her name,
sit and dine with her,
and he has his fills.

She is a cup of solace,
Eases one of his melancholy,
She is a paint brush
tossed in a bucket of paint
and create a picture on an 
empty canvas.

She is enigmatic in form,
She is the peace that comes
after a breakup with the Devil,
She is the ring of the bride and groom,
she puts hearts together.

She is a blanket of cloud
that covers the cold, wandering
She is a lamp house on an 
island of where do I go,
Her commitment is beyond understanding.
Driving on a rainy day

Sloppy hills with muddy waters running down its sides,
Frostbite chills that runs deeply into your marrows,
That's how life is like a bitter today and sweeter tomorrow.
But you have to get your art together,
Stop gallivanting about be keen on her.

Like a driver drenched from the soaking beat of rain,
We sometimes become soak with rain of adversity,
Life sometimes becomes like riding on a rainy day,
Calamity splashes on your face like rain drops on sloppy hill in a thunderstorm.

After a while of intense rainfall,
Comes a bright and beautiful sun sitting at the face of the horizon,
In our ways tress fall,
But we have the will power to make our ride better,
Or to make it worst.

Riding on a rainy day,
Is like taking a trip into an ocean of the worst has happened to,
But if you prevail against its perils,
You come out vigilant,

The journey of life is like a day out in the thunderstorm that seems never ending,
The clouds of despair clapping their hands with frustration,
The lighting of fear drumming with the band of doubt, 
Playing along for defeat.

You have got to see yourself as victor,
And see them as victims,
But don't defeat yourself.
Drive without fear,
Move on with no dread.