Poetry from Gabriel T. Saah

The Tragedy Of Jessica

Looking at the western region of the continent of Africa,
The satellite of patriotism lands on Mother Jessica.
A lady stained with the blood of Patriots,
Wallowing in the pool of distress,
Fighting to impress.

A neglected mother by those she fed,
Even Pastor Testimony and uncle Fred are her progeny,
They claim to be the best in this mess,
But forgetting the distress of a great Mother.

They remember her only when their birthday party is around the corner,
Common on, for God sake stop being a Demon,
There are days other than elections,
When you can help her out of her consternation.

The time is nearing again when they shall come to cause her more pains,
Like the aridness of the Sahara desert,
Her distress is hot to burn even her own feet.

Short Bio about the Author

Gabriel T. Saah is the son of a Liberian farmer who hails from Kolahun, Lofa County. His mother is a kpelle woman from Bong county, a Liberian.
He is a student at the University of Liberia reading Biomedical Science. His passion for writing is an inspiration to him. He is the founder of the Bong Writes Education Movement an organization that pursues to promote literacy in Liberia.
He goes by the pen name, Marvelous Inker.