Poetry from Gabriel T. Saah

Gabriel T. Saah
A Day To Come

One day your children you dearly love will wail, but you will not be able to comfort them.

One day the trees will provide oxygen in abundance, but your lungs will not be able to take their fill.

One day your love ones will say their goodbye, but your mouth will be too shy to say yours.

One day you will be given a bath and it will be your final bath, but you will not feel it.

One day the meal of your heart will be served before your nose,
But your name will not be mentioned.

One day you will wear your clothes but you will not be able to get them off.

One day the things you are fighting for will not be of any importance to you.

One day you will leave your home and never return, but others will now claim that.

One day you will live in a house you never built in your lifetime, and you will never come out to greet your neighbors.

One day your name will be given a title you shall carry forever, and it shall be called the “Late”.

One day the closet of your home will be invaded and you will say nothing.

One day the shoes you loved dearly will be worn by others and not yourself.

One day you and your partner shall share your bed and you will not be able to see who lies next to him/her.

One day you will stand in the presence of a great Judge but you will not be able to hire a lawyer to plead your case. 
You will do that alone.

And One day you will wish to be around your friends,
But you will lie somewhere alone in your dark room never to come out.

If you are to live, live right and now,
If you wish to love, love right and now.
For the day is sure but unknown.
Peace ✌️✌️🕊️✌️🕊️🕊️
© Gabriel T. Saah ( Marvelous Inker).

-Gabriel T. Saah

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